The conference program will consist of three sessions, one for each day:

  1. Adaptive immune repertoires and recognition (Monday, May 15)
  2. Cellular and molecular dynamics of the adaptive immune response (Tuesday, May 16)
  3. Advances in high-throughput technologies and translational medicine (Wednesday, May 17)

Each session will feature lectures from invited speakers and 16 short talks selected from the submitted abstracts. Abstracts not selected for short talks will be presented in a poster session planned for Monday.

Click here for the current schedule (version May 2017).

The list of posters is available here; guidelines for poster authors here.

Keynote Speakers

Antonio Lanzavecchia, IRB Bellinzona, Switzerland

George Georgiou, University of Texas Austin, USA

Ido Amit, Weizmann Institute, Israel

Invited Speakers

Ramit Mehr, Bar-Ilan University, Israel

Andrew Sewell, Cardiff University, UK

Philippe Bousso, Pasteur Institute, France

Hedda Wardemann, German Cancer Research Center, Germany

Lélia Delamarre, Genentech, USA

Dmitriy Chudakov, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia